Installation, activation and use of SimplySign electronic signature

After passing the identity verification process, you will receive an email from Certum PCC informing you that a certificate has been issued. In this message you will find the necessary instructions for installing the certificate and activating the signature.


During activation, be sure to write down in a place known only to you, the PIN and the PUK code (the most important code). For more details, see the final part of the document -> “resetting the PIN code with the PUK code”.

For more information on installing a certificate, visit →

You can also find details of the certificate installation in the video →

To activate the certificate and sign documents on a smartphone or tablet, it is necessary to have the SimplySign mobile app.

The application is available for download:

– in the AppStore (for iOS phones – app name “Certum SimplySign”),

– on Google Play (for Android phones – the name of the app is “SimplySign”).

You can also download the application at:

To sign documents on your computer, download the proCertum SmartSign software package along with SimplySign Desktop.

Your login is the main email address provided in the application.

Your login “password” is, currently active, the generated TOKEN code in the SimplySign application on your Smartphone (option at the very bottom of the application screen – Generate Token).

To log into the SimplySign app on a smartphone, enter the primary email address provided when applying for the certificate (the address is assigned to your SimplySign account).

  1. Open the SimplySign Desktop application (blue icon) on your computer.
  2. After opening the login window with the cloud certificate:

– in Windows, just click on the SimplySign Desktop icon twice to open the login window,

– in MacOs, first open SimplySign Desktop, the running application should appear in the bar of running programs (gray monitor with a red X in a circle), then click on the icon and select “Connect to the cloud” -> a login window should appear.

  1. As login, we enter the email address given in the application (the notification about the issuance of the certificate came to this address).
  2. As the password (in the “enter token” field), we enter the token, generated at the moment, in the SimplySign application opened earlier on the phone and click “Login”.

Once logged in, you can use the certificate on your computer.

We sign the documents in the dedicated ProCertum SmartSign software (green application icon).

Check out the video instructions →

or in Adobe Acrobat Reader/DC

Check out the video instructions →

  1. Open the SimplySign app on your smartphone.
  2. Press the button at the bottom of the app ” Log in and sign”.
  3. After entering your login information, the “My Documents” window will appear. In the “To sign” tab, press the blue plus icon in the middle of the screen.
  4. Select the document you want to sign and click the blue button at the bottom left, “Sign”.
  5. Enter your PIN to the card and click “Sign document”.
  6. You will see a window confirming the signing of the document. Now you can forward it or choose another document to sign.

Instructions for verifying a signed document with SimplySign service in proCertum SmartSign program → 

The signature can also be verified in the signature panel in Adobe.


Incorrectly entering the PIN code three times blocks the ability to sign.

In such a situation, it is only possible to use the PIN code recovery/reset procedure using, given during the installation, the certificate PUK code – that’s why it is so important to save during the certificate installation!

In order to unlock the ability to use the signature, it is necessary to perform a PIN code RESET procedure, based on the stored PUK code.

To do this, you need to:

  1. Prepare your ID/login (primary email address).
  2. Open the SimplySign application on your cell phone with the function -> Generate Token, from which it will be necessary to rewrite the one-time authorization code (Token) required for login on the below indicated page.
  3. Go to Certum System -> Login to Certum System and log in with the Login and Token

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